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Quick flick review: the Kingsmen I thought this was going to be weak spy kids but I was wrong. It's more like an updated throw back to James Bond 70's flicks. Cool villains, dope action, and a ton of weapons. This one gets lost in the shuffle cuz 50 shades coming out the same week. This type of action flick is best seen in the theater Rating Fuck wit!!! I might catch it again.

Quick Flick Review - Project Almanac if the butterfly effect & project x had baby this would be it. it's hard to ruin a time travel flick with that said this ones ooooook I guess. Rating Netflix this one when you got a date u are only trying to fuck. You don't have to pay too much attention to it to get it.

Quick flick review. Jupiter ascending The action is cool... The story is weak as fuck. Channing almost acts but just goes back to being the new Keanu Reeves in the first 3 lines of the script. Too much galactic babble Rating Sucks.

Quick flick review: The Gambler This movie seemed like it didn't know what it wanted to be... A New age Film noir? A "Garden state" with a bottle of jack? or a "Good will hunting" in Hugo boss? scenes are slick and John Goodman murdered Rating Only 2 good things about this flick 1. hometown girl Brie Larson holds up with the A-listers 2. The soundtrack is dope as fuck (david bowie, sixto rodriguez, and M83)

Quick Flick Review: American Sniper. FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Bradly Cooper's acting... Dope. the shoot outs... Dope. Clint Eastwood's directing... Dope. i love how its gets to the point and quick... no bullshit flick. Rating Dope

Quick Flick review: Revenge of the green dragons True story of two Asian immigrant youths in NYC join a one of the most feared street gangs. This flick could easily be cheesy as fuck but i sticks to the griminess just enough not keep me interested. Some parts are slow and you want to get back to the crimes the crew is committing. Rating Its oooooook the cool way its shot and the crazy ass violence keeps you interested

Quick Flick review - Hunger/crying games part 6 section A level XII Faaaaaawwwking Boooooooring. It’s about 2 hours of set up for the real

movie that comes out later. They just stole my time and money. First 45min

I was lost and didn't give a fuck. Nothing cool in this flick like the actual

hunger games. Buncha fucking crying... I clocked about 54mins of watery eyes. Rating Fuck this movie... Best thing about it was the pitch perfect 2 trailer at the beginning

Quick Flick review - Big Hero 6

I can describe this movie in one word a grown man shouldn't say...

Adorable. The animators and director killed it on capturing the feel and

look of SF... More so then most major flicks and directors.


Fuck with it.

Quick flick review - Whiplash

This flick is double layered... It's a super aggressive teacher vs student for the

greater good flick and a movie about the sacrifice to be the best at what you

love. The ugly side of how one reaches their potential is matched by dark tones

of the set locations. Miles teller and Juno's dad are awesome in this fucker.


See it just for the dinner table scene.

Quick Flick review - Inter-rock-Steller

it's a really really really good flick. If you don't like Sci-Fi flicks it's cuz

u tune out due to all the space jargon. Don't be an asshole and just listen,

they will break it down like a Lego castle. The Nolan's put together a flick

that puts you in the decision making process and you end up dealing with

the repercussions right along with the characters. This flick is also full of surprises from plot twists, casting choices, and a story will bend your fucking mind!


The best flick I've seen this year... if you don't think so... my god have mercy on

your stupid ass soul at the gates

Quick Flick review - Dodo Birdman

Two ways you can look at the FILM. 1: A film about Actors wanting to

give a great performance while giving great performances. 2: Actors giving

themselves blow jobs. Hats off to the director for being brave enough to

make a 2hr continuous shot film, in this short attention span day and age. (u can find the cuts if you are looking for them though)


If you like Films see it... If you like movies don't.

Quick flick review - Nightcrawler

Michael Mann WAS the only Director who could shoot LA at night. This dude did a great job with this new aged and smarter Taxi Driver esque film. Jakes gaunt look adds to his creepy factor. He's like the kid in class you tried to be nice to but he just kept being fucking weird (big sorry to my high school classmates).


Don't go pee cuz you'll miss Jakes great performance... And I don't even like this guy.

Quick flick review - St Vincent

Bill fucking Murray plays throwback to the kinda guy my dad and his friend are.

All they do is eat, drink, fight, and fuck. All the characters have many flaws,which

makes this a good flick. The movie is like a realistic Big Daddy.


The movie opens up with a joke told by Bill if you don't get it the joke.

You won't get the movies humor... So leave you fucking dummy.

Quick flick review - John Wick

For some reason I like the revenge action flick. This genre never gets old to me.

It's filled with slick gunfights in nightclubs, major arsenals, cool hideouts, and a

steel blue tint on every shot. This flick comes correct on all of this


Fuck with it.

Quick flick review - Book of life

Here's a story about the brighter side of death. It has the same plot points as

most cgi flicks but it hides it well with the colorful art direction and song selection

(cover of Radioheads creep Spanish guitar style)


You'll be so entertained you won't remember you have to go to the bathroom.

Quick flick review - Fury.

I thought a tank movie would be as exciting & slow as an elephant fight on the

Net Geo channel. I was wrong! it's intense and these actors look as if they seen war... War is in all their eyes. It shows the inglorious side of having to serve.

Rating. These guys lived in a tank for 3 years! you can shut your phone off hold your piss 2 hours!

Quick flick review: Kill the Messenger

I'm a big JFK conspiracy believer. This movie is the result after the CIA figures

it can kill a president and get away with it. Though the flick has it's lulls from

time to time, it gives you a minute to reflect that this is not just a movie! It happened! And nothing was done about it! I had to see this movie in an art house theater...That's kinda saying something.


See it and believe it.

Quick flick review : The judge

It's like watching tony stark resolve his daddy issues. Another good thing is not

1 but 2 Bobby D's in this flick. Solid story and the supporting cast is on point too.

After awhile you forget the dad is on trial and want to spend time with his family

and this small town in Indiana Yes! That's how good it is it make you want to visit Indiana.


Go see it just for RDJ quick talk and lawyer speak. Why is this the first time he has played a lawyer!!!

Quick flick review - Dracula: the game is to be sold not untold.

I love how American movies give all of Europe British accents. Hats off to the

main dude for killing it (no pun intended). The movie was decent Buuuut one part

ruined the whole flick for me. (If you see you'll know).


Go see it but go into like a blind date. Keep expectations low and have fun.

Quick flick review - Gone Girl

Everything is on point Acting, Directing, and just when you think every story

has been told in cinema... Boom! You get this! They killed it... No pun intended


Pee before you go, get all your refreshments, and if someone talks...

tell'em to shut the fuck up!

Quick flick review - Annabelle.

Mannnnn fuuuuuuuck this movie. You spend most the time waiting for shit to happen. You're stuck in an 1970's apartment with this lady screaming her fuckin head off for an hour. I wanted it to end badly her after awhile.


If you have to go pee do it... Matter fact pee, get some popcorn and sneak into another

Quick Flick Review: The “not your” Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles

It has bad acting,flat jokes, looks like a bad transformers movie (yeah… that bad)

and lifted the plot from the Spider man reboot. I don’t think kids will like it very much; because they look disturbing (splinter looks like he stinks and has a terrible

cold the whole movie) and they don’t really show their personality long enough

for you to pick which one you like. Go see it to witness how bad it is… just

pay for another flick (boyhood)


I would answer a call during the movie

Quick flick review: Get on up

Jackie Robinson does a good job as he plays the godfather of soul. The movie jumps back and forth from decade to decade. I guess to stop the film from being boring or to demonstrate how James brown liked to shake up the norm... Take your pick.


If I had to pee I would go quickly.

Quick Flick Review: Not enough Sin in the City 2

It's like 22 Jump Street… except 22JS knew it was making fun

of itself for being the same as the first one. I really want to like it... It

still looks cool but the stories aren't as intriguing as before. If you're not

into Sin City or forgot most of it (cuz of a 10 year hiatus) it’s hard to

follow the timeline and the actor changes. Only thing that remains the same is

Jessica Alba's body and acting... good thing Sin City 2 is supposed to be



I wouldn't pee if i had to because I don't want to get even more lost

than I already am in this movie.

Quick flick review: As above, so below

Another found footage horror err thriller flick except this one gets it right. It follows the ABC's of the rest of this genre but the decent storyline and setting (Paris Catacombs) takes the air right out of the theater. So much so it will have you developing a minor case of claustrophobia. It had elements of Paranormal Activity, Indiana Jones, and Goonies. I found myself saying out loud "FUUUUCK ALLL THAT!"


If had to pee really really bad... I'd hold it.

Quick flick review: November Man.

I was lost cause a random girl started sending me crazy text

at the beginning of the flick. I later found out it was her ex posing as her...

PSA Fellas don't do weak shit like this. From what I seen it seems like 007

came outta retirement and traded martinis for jack, vodka and anything else

straight up... Oh and everyone still hates Russia I guess.


From what I seen and the pace of the flick you can go to the

bathroom and not really miss too much.

Quick flick review: The Drop

Bane drops the crazy accent and picks up a Brooklyn one. After

10 mins I believe the dialect and enjoy the New York Winter setting. This movie

is a lil slow but Noomi Rapace helped me get through it. It almost seems like a

law and order episode, except we get to see the crime unfold instead of showing

up after the fact.


It's the only good thing out right now. You don't really

have a choice to see anything else.

Quick flick review: A walk amongst the tombstones

I don't want to talk shit about this movie, because I don't want Liam to come find me.


Let's just say he hasn't lost his Special set of skills.

Quick flick review – Equalizer

It’s pretty cliché in the first act but I like how they made

Denzel a bad ass with a bit of a beer gut. The only thing that saves it from

the movie formula is the good acting when hero meets villain. The exchange

between these two is like a timed chess match. That right there is worth the

price of admission. I like that old dudes that can act are kicking ass in the

theaters right now like Denzel & Liam.


Go see it just for the bad Boston accents