Quick Flick Review: Chappie

Quick Flick Review: Chappie

The director keeps putting out the same feel of flick… and I don’t mind it. How can you not love the updated wasteland landscapes, cool slo mo action shots, robots, and weapons of mini destruction. He makes flicks just like a kid would with a toy chest of mismatched action figures. I like the worlds he creates to send a message District 9 (racism), Elysium (health care) and now with Chappie. (nature vs nurture). This flick like his others have time a constrain but this one has a lil twist. the main character is racing the clock for his life while trying to learn about life. I thought this was going to be a new Short Circuit but it not. the rough setting of the flick doesn’t have time for a sappy Chappie

Rating If you got to pee during the flick just get up and go. Whatever you missed will be explained again as if you were Chappie


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