Baby Driver

There’s good and bad points about the flick… the good out weights the bad. It’s Tarantino for the Millennials. While the movie is cool sometimes its seems like it’s trying to generate cool a lil too much. Oh! 1 thing that bugged me is that Baby falls in and out of his accent. The song selection could have been a bit better. Nothing that really pumps you up or a deep cut you hear and you are like “who is this” like we did with Tarantino. The driving scenes are dope as fuck! The throwback day shots and colorful night scene are soooo clean. What puts this flick over the top is the rest of the cast… they kill it! Every scene when the cast share the screen is amazing! And hey it's a heist flick who doesn't like a heist flick! Rating Best flick of the summer so far… No bathroom breaks… don’t miss a thing.